Картины и изразцы по фото на кафельной плитке для ванной и интерьера от художников в СПб. Керамика в Санкт Петербурге для ремонта.

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Design studio in St. Petersburg in the two artists Leo and Max Zabrodskaya manufactures exclusive pictures in Wooden frame, and finishing materials in the form of murals, decor and tiles. If you need to enrich the interior of an apartment or house, then we can place your order and get on the tile (ceramic) tile art work to finish or repair the bathroom, kitchen, room, fireplace, pool, etc. It can be made any size and in your photos.

Zabrodsky Lion - Honorary Inventor of the USSR, the author of more than 70 inventions, has been awarded two gold and one bronze medals of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR, as well as winning the Central Council VOIR VSNTO USSR and the Soviet Union. He is the founder of modern trends in powder metallurgy. In the Soviet years, exhibited at various exhibitions, where many of the paintings were purchased by collectors in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

Technique and technology are original! For large orders for commercial and public spaces (cafes, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, sports facilities, shops, hotels, etc.) will give a discount.

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